Rocky Point Rally

2013 Rocky Point Rally

By Perry & Traci Nelson • Photos by George Childress, Perry & Traci Nelson

Rocky Point RallyTraci and I had no idea what was in store for us when we were asked to cover the Rocky Point Rally for Quick Throttle Magazine last weekend.

With everything from beautiful sunsets, beautiful beaches, beautiful resorts to best of all: the beautiful people of Rocky Point who greeted the motorcycle communities from all over the world with open arms.

We stayed at The Playa Bonita, thanks to the hospitality of Oscar Palacio Soto “Oscar” (Rocky Point Rally) and Shandra Keesecker “Sami” who set us up.

082bWe got into town (Rocky Point) Friday and settled in at the Playa Bonita. Not realizing the time we jumped in the hot tub. It was really nice until the security guard came by and shined his flashlight on the sign…oops…says closes at 9pm and its like … after that… ok just got here and already we’re breaking the rules. Without getting anybody in trouble about whether we stayed in the hot tub any longer, let’s just say, that the security guard was cool.

Next morning after enjoying the sunrise, the beach, a cup of coffee and the hot tub again…we hopped on the Dyna…Rocky Point was amazing; where else can you ride your bike within 3ft of a shrimp boat and practically touch the pelicans looking for seafood scraps, you could hear their bills clap shut warding off pesky seagulls competing for the same scraps on the boats. Where to next? I say to Traci. She says what she always says “let’s just ride.” Did I mention that I love this woman?

118bWe ended up at the beginning of a one way street… then it happened; some crazy looking dude with a bike with red wheels (like our dyna) said “park next to me”…then they came: bike after bike, dirt bikes, street bikes, baggers, customs, Quads. Raised golf carts pulling trailers with mirror-balls and stripper poles complete with men and women dancers.

Within a matter of hours this ½ mile strip turned into Daytona Beach at spring break. This Rally brought back my  childhood, it was like a fountain of youth….

We went up to the second floor to a restaurant named Mary’s. Up there we had a pretty good view of what was going on. There was 80’s and 90’s Rock music Blasting. We could see up and across the street that there was a hose going down from the second floor where a DJ and bar girls were pouring drinks through a funnel into the hose to people down on the street …and yep; Mardi Gras beads were being tossed … soapy water was thrown on the street to entice the constant flow of Bikes to do burnouts. As crazy as it sounds everything was really well controlled.

Rocky Point RallyMeanwhile there at Mary’s we got the best fish tacos and cascades I’ve had in a long time and the Salsa was indescribably tasty. The total for both our plates and drinks was under 10 bucks. We went down to our bike after eating and took a bunch of pictures of the different bikes and crazy stuff going by.

Well remember we were at the beginning of this one way street so we had to drive through the craziness in order to leave to get to a bike parade that we had planned with Oscar.

As we were making our way through the Mardi Gras area we were getting beads thrown at us from both sides. I don’t think they were meant for me lol…If you want to know what Traci did you will have to go and see us there next year or buy the next ‘girls gone wild” video…

Rocky Point RallyOn our way to the Bike parade we saw some Mariachis, I speak a little Spanish and we found that they were performing at a church for a wedding, this was about 3-blocks from the Mardi Gras/ mini Sturgis area, Traci had to get a picture of the Mariachis, I waited for her at an Ice cream shop across from the church. We actually got invited to the wedding, we were not really dressed for it so we declined.

Some folks at the Ice cream shop actually knew Oscar and they showed us how to get to the bike parade.

Once we got there we noticed about 1000 bikes lined up. We parked our Dyna near the front and tried to find Oscar, there was a tall guy talking to a local TV station and we figured that had to be Oscar, we waited our turn then had the pleasure of meeting one of the nicest guys you could meet . Here’s a guy who should be all stressed out with about a thousand bikes ready to follow him with a police escort through town and he seemed to be the calmest guy there.

Well we went on the parade, got a few pictures of Oscar and some local folks, then we fell to the back to get some riding shots. We didn’t really know what to expect but next time we know we should bring plenty of candy because most of the other bikers were throwing it and the kids would get huge smiles on there faces and run for the free treats… the locals came out in force to wave at us and clap as we went by thanking us for coming to Rocky Point in support of their beloved port city.

Rocky Point RallyWe split off from the bike parade to grab a change a clothes and a shower at the Playa Bonita. Afternoon Bands were: Agua de Coco(Local) Manzanares (from Santa Fe NM) That night Calle 13 was absolutely Crazy with wall to wall people and at the Bonita RV park was The Band Sour Diesel Trainwreck (from Mesa AZ).

I really didn’t feel like stripping down and dancing on a stripper pole like some other guys did. So we just bought the kids and ourselves some COOL 13th Rocky Point HD shirts and called it a night…

We will be there next year for sure!

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